Meet Annabelle


As a single mother, a domestic violence survivor and a civil rights attorney, Annabelle knows firsthand the struggles working families are facing every day in South Carolina.

That’s why, following the 2016 Presidential Election, she started Indivisible South Carolina, one of 6,000+ grassroots organizations launched across America to push back against the radical right-wing agenda threatening our nation. That’s why, working with local and national groups alike, she helped raise the voices of hard-working South Carolinians who, along with millions of Americans, would have been robbed of their health insurance under “Trumpcare.” That’s why she continues to speak out against President Trump’s middle-class tax hike. And that’s why she’s running for Congress.

We’re sick and tired of politicians pretending they care about us while lining their pockets with corporate donations when we’re not looking.

We’re sick and tired of listening to them preach “family values” while protecting pedophiles and domestic abusers.

We’re sick and tired of watching them campaign on “law and order” while dodging investigations and indictments up in Washington and right here in South Carolina.

We’re sick and tired of cleaning up their messes. And it’s time we did something about it.

Annabelle Robertson will fight for us in Washington with a firm commitment to:

  • Raising wages for working families
  • Rebuilding our roads and bridges
  • Closing the “school-to-prison pipeline,” and
  • Ensuring quality, affordable health care for all.

This country doesn’t belong to the CEOs and shareholders. It doesn’t belong to the insurance companies or the power companies, the investment bankers and super PACs. It belongs to you.

It belongs to the people…ALL THE PEOPLE. And it’s time we took it back.

It’s time to elect Annabelle Robertson to Congress.


A graduate of the University of South Carolina School of Law, Annabelle’s legal practice focuses on employment and civil rights law, which includes fighting for victims of workplace discrimination, sexual harassment and other constitutional violations.

While studying at USC Law, Annabelle received both the John O. McDougall Award and the CALI Award for excellence in family law. In addition, she has interned in the Third Circuit Solicitor’s Office in Sumter; the 18th Circuit Solicitor’s Office in Horry County; the South Carolina Court of Appeals, under Chief Judge Michael Lockemy, and the Richland County Circuit Court, under the Honorable Alison Rene Lee.

A tireless advocate for the disregarded and disenfranchised, Annabelle is a volunteer Guardian ad Litem with Richland County. She has also volunteered as a tutor for at-risk children, worked to feed hungry children after work each day, helped provide need-based scholarships for children of military members and served as an ad hoc board member of the Sumter County Domestic Violence Coalition.

Annabelle is a domestic violence survivor who has sole custody of her two teenage daughters. They live together in Columbia and attend Eastminster Presbyterian Church.

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